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St Catharines Drug Lawyer – Resources

The Criminal Law Blog.  Smordin Law Criminal Lawyers website hosts an expansive blog that discusses criminal law and drug charge subjects.  Sandee Smordin has been a St Catharines Drug Lawyer for over  decade and haw previously served as Federal Drug Prosecutor and offers free consultation on all criminal and drug related charges.  Connecting with an experienced criminal defect lawyer can help you build the best defence strategy possible at the outset of conflict with the law.

Treatment for drug and substance misuse is often first step in dealign with an addiction to drugs.  Niagara Area Narcotics Anonymous, Infoline 905-685-0075, is peer based support system for this battling addiction.  Often treatment and support when used in conjunction with an experienced drug defence lawyer can result in matters moving quickly and better results.

A drug conviction will have lasting effects on your ability to travel beyond Canada and may prevent you from specific employment opportunities.  Taking a global inventory of your legal and treatment options is a crucial first step in moving forward