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The Criminal Law Blog.  Senior Southern Ontario criminal lawyer Sandee Smordin hosts an up to date blog on her Smordin Law Criminal Lawyers website.  Her blog discusses a variety of subjects wishing criminal and drug law.  The law is constantly changing and this changes can greatly affect your case.

Treatment for drug and substance addiction can be an important cornerstone to lay in the foundation of defence strategy.  Courts will often take into account efforts made by those with addictions and substance abuse issues to seek out and participate in treatment programs.  Local peer based support for addiction is often a very accessible first step in dealing with a drug habit that has come to a head resulting in criminal charges.  Narcotics Anonymous operates a variety of peer base support groups fro those seeking freedom from addiction.  Halton Peel Area Helpline Number (888) 811-3887

A criminal record with a drug conviction can have serious ramifications on further employment opportunities that require a criminal record disclosure.  Tavel outside of Canada can also become an issue with a drug conviction.  Speak to Milton Drug Lawyer about your car today.