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Criminal Law Blog.  The law is complex and ever changing.  Senior counsel Sandee Smordin addresses important and interesting issues through her Smordin Law blog.  Current issues in criminal law are discussed and there is a fair amount on information on a wide variety of criminal & drug law related content.

Drug Charges are often the result of addiction and substance abuse issues coming to a head.  There are a variety of peer based programs such as Narcotics Anonymous who offer an excellent first step in dealing with addiction and abuse.  Working with a Kitchener Drug Lawyer and engaging treatment is often a powerful tool in favourable disposition of drug charges. Golden Triangle Area Helpline Number (888) 811-3887

Any conviction on drug related charges can seriously limit ability to travel outside Canada long into the future.  Convictions could also preclude you from many occupations that require a criminal records check as requirement of employment.