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Hamilton Drug Lawyer Additional Resources:

The Legal Aid hamilton.ca website is a locally developed independent website that focuses on providing independant  information on the Legal Aid Ontario system.  The website includes information on how to apply or a private practice criminal legal aid certificate which allows you to be represented by an experienced Hamilton Drug Lawyer.  Additionally the website addresses important issues like appealing the denial of a Legal Aid Ontario Criminal certificate as well as contact information to have a local Hamilton Drug Lawyer assist you in making an application to Legal Aid Ontario for coverage.

Treatment for addiction is often a part of the process for dealing with a drug charge.  Addiction and substance abuse issues often lead to criminal charges and without proper treatment can lead further jeopardy through breaches of bail.  To get peer based assistance and support for substance abuse and addiction issues contact:

Hamilton Area of Narcotics Anonymous
PO Box 68002 Blakely
Hamilton, ON, L8M 3M7
Toll Free Information – Helpline
(888) 811-3887

Hamilton Drug Court

Hamilton is home to an operational Drug Court which handles drug charges in a unique fashion that works with individuals charged with drug offences who have addiction issues.  The court focusses on treatment and community support to offer opportunities to this charges this drug offences the opportunity to seek treatment and rehabilitation through access to community support reassures.

The Hamilton Drug Court has been successful in working with many individuals with moderate to severe drug addiction in making positive changes in their life through support network offered as part of the program.  Drug Court is an option for those who meet certain criteria and may not be available to all those interested.  Speak with a local Hamilton Drug Lawyer about your eligibility for this program.