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Criminal Law Blog  Southern Ontario defence lawyer Sandee Smordin maintains a website with information that is constantly updated through her blog and web pages.  She offers free consultations on all drug charges and related criminal maters.  As a former Drug Prosecutor she has beast experience in the field of Drug Charges and is a respect Guelph Drug Lawyer successful representing accused persons for over a decade.  Her practice is 100% dedicated tom criminal defence and her team of experienced lawyers is ready to help you fight for your rights before the court.

Treatment Groups

Quite often Drug Charges are the result of a problem with substance abuse.  Seeking support with addictions is often a step done concurrently while working with an experienced Guelph Drug Lawyer.  Within the local community resources such as Narcotics Anonymous can be a great first step towards recover.  Contact Golden Triangle Area Helpline Number (888) 811-3887 for more information.

Guelph Drug Lawyer

Standing accused of a drug charge can be a difficult and confusing process.  Getting in touch with an experienced Guelph drug lawyer at the outset of criminal drug charges will help you put your best foot forward in defending your rights before the courts.