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Ontario Court of Justice guide to self-representation in criminal matters.  Self-representation is a very risky approach to dealing with your criminal drug charges and the consequences could mean jail time.  This guide does however give a fairly accurate overview of the criminal proceeding process.

Criminal Law Blog Senior criminal defence lawyer, Sandee Smordin’s website produces a Criminal Law Blog that covers interesting topics in the field of criminal law and cases before the courts. The website and blog are constantly updated with new information.

Brampton Drug Lawyer

If you are charged in Peel Region with a drug offence it is important to speak with an experienced Brampton drug lawyer as soon as possible to start your defence immediately.  Establishing a competent defence strategy is an crucial step in securing the best results possible given your individual circumstance. An experience Brampton drug lawyer will provide you with an initial free consultation on your charges and  offer you some insight into the options available to you based on the circumstances of your case.

Convictions for drug offences can greatly effect you ability to travel outside of Canada as well as maintain employment in certain fields of work.  Important consideration such as addiction and treatment can often have a beneficial impact on diverting certain drug cases before the courts.